Like you, we believe the right thing to do is to help the planet become healthy again. PlantBest™ is committed to developing environmentally friendly, all-natural gardening products. PlantBest™ offers SoilSponge™ a natural soil supplement that adds up to 7 days between waterings, PeatEliminator™, the eco-friendly and better alternative to peat moss. And the Healthy Planet Tree Planting Kit (TM), an easy and economical from seed-to-tree growing experience using 100% sustainable and biodegradable coir.

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Now the seed-to-tree learning and growing experience that’s 100% sustainable.

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  Peat bogs…
• form a unique natural habitat , home to countless species of flora and fauna, many of which are at risk.
• store and filter 10% of the global freshwater resources.
• are carbon sinks -- storage site for carbon dioxide. Removing peat from a bog releases carbon dioxide into the air which contributes to global warming ...
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