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Coconut Coir (pronounced “koi’er”) is the 1-2”/3-5 cm thick fibrous layer between the green skin and the hard brown shell of a coconut. This is ground up (or “decorticated” in technical jargon) to produce coir dust and coir fibre. By turning the spent husks into soil supplements and natural growing containers, we are helping to both eliminate environmental waste and ensure sustainability.

Coconut Coir offers several benefits for your plants and the environment, making it a great choice for gardening and agriculture. At PlantBest we closely monitor the process of our coconut coir for gardening. It undergoes proper ageing, drying, and rinsing before being meticulously packed for sale. Here are some of the benefits of using coconut coir as a growing medium or soil additive:


Superior Water Retention

The sponge-like structure of coconut coir allows it to hold onto water while also promoting good drainage, which helps prevent root rot and other water-related issues.

Excellent Aeration

The varied particle structure of coconut coir allows for good air flow and helps prevent soil compaction, which can be detrimental to plant growth.

Antifungal properties

Coconut coir has natural antifungal properties, which can help prevent the growth of harmful fungi in your soil.

High Nutrient Retention

Coconut coir also has high nutrient retention properties, which means it can hold onto and release nutrients to your plants over time.


Coconut coir products can maintain their structure and water retention properties for a longer period of time compared to other soil additives such as peat moss or vermiculite.

pH neutral

Unlike peat moss, which is acidic, coconut coir is pH neutral, meaning it will not affect the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. This makes it a versatile option for a wide range of plants.


1. Sustainable

A highly renewable material that is derived from a by-product of the coconut industry. Unlike peat moss, which can take up to 220 years to renew at a rate of just 1mm per year, coconut coir is derived from the coconut seed, leaving the tree entirely intact.

2. Biodegradable

Coconut coir is fully biodegradable - breaking down naturally over time without harming the environment. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional soil additives.

3. Low Carbon Footprint

Low carbon footprint compared to other soil additives such as peat moss, which is often harvested from sensitive ecosystems. By using coconut coir, you can reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.


Why Coconut Coir over Traditional Peat Moss?

Peat moss is a popular choice for soil additives due to its ability to retain water and nutrients. However, peat moss has several environmental drawbacks.

  • It is often harvested from sensitive ecosystems, such as bogs and wetlands, which are home to endangered flora and fauna.
  • Peat bogs are massive carbon sinks. Digging up peat bogs releases CO2    into the atmosphere, adding to global warming.
  • Additionally, peat moss is not a renewable resource and takes thousands of years to form. In contrast, coconut coir is a sustainable material that is derived from a by-product from the coconut industry. It is a renewable resource that is much more environmentally friendly than peat moss.

Coco peat for plants vs coco coir:

Cocopeat is made from the husks of coconuts, while coco coir is derived from the fibers of the coconut. In comparison to cocopeat, coco coir offers superior drainage and aeration, making it an excellent choice for gardening. Additionally, coco coir is pH neutral, hormone-rich, and free from fungus. It promotes healthy root development and serves as an ideal growth medium for transitioning plants from soil to soilless cultivation.

Our compressed coconut coir blocks are made from a hyper-renewable and sustainable resource with exceptional water holding capacity. It is a practical choice for those with limited storage space and easy to transport. They are lightweight and stackable, taking up less storage space than traditional soil additives. By using our coconut coir blocks, you are not only adding convenience but also promoting sustainability.


Why PlantBest Products?

PlantBest provides high-quality coconut coir products that promote healthy and thriving plant growth while also supporting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We invite you to try our coconut coir products to see the difference for yourself!


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