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A: Our product is 100% organic and natural, making it safe for use in organic crop and food production. However, obtaining OMRI Organic certification is costly, so we opted not to pursue it. Because we didn't register for it, CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) required us to state on the label that the product cannot be sold in California, despite its 100% organic and natural composition.

A: Yes, you can use MegaMulch around organic fruit trees or organic plants. It is 100% organic with no chemicals or dyes of any kind.

A: MegaMulch is made of Coconut Coir Chips, so it can be used in your soil mix if you have air-loving plant roots. However, Coconut Coir pith (Our BeatsPeat) is typically used as a peat alternative to improve aeration and soil drainage.

A: You can leave the mulch on top or work it into the soil. It will biodegrade and act as compost for the soil, similar to regular wood-based mulch.

A: Yes, this is safe, it is 100% organic coconut husks with no dye or chemicals.

A: Our blocks are cleaned with fresh water, and our product Quality specification ensures that our coir's Ec (or salt level) is 0.7 mS/cm, making it safe for any plant type. There are no pesticides of any kind.

A: No pesticides or fungicides are used. The coir is naturally anti-fungal.

A: Our wholesale pricing is designed primarily for large distributors who work with smaller dealers. We typically operate through distributors unless there are specific custom arrangements in place. To get detailed information about our wholesale pricing, please reach out to us via our CONTACT page.