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Coconut Coir Expanding Soil (1.3lbs)

Coconut Coir Expanding Soil (1.3lbs) is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss, made from the husks of coconut shells. This compressed coconut coir block is a renewable resource that is pH-neutral, and has excellent water-holding capacity and drainage, making it an ideal growing medium and soil improver. When water is added, the block expands to many times its original size, providing a fibrous growing medium that promotes healthy plant growth.

    • Growing Medium & Soil Improver
    • High water retention and improves aeration and drainage
    • Prevents overwatering and root rot
    • pH neutral and organic
    • Just add water - Expands in minutes
    • Expands up to 0.75 cu.ft.
    • Made from 100% coconut coir
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat
    • moss

    • This item is currently available at 99 Cents Only Stores in the USA

    • Item #: 3583
    • Size: 0.6kg/ 1.3lb/ 0.06 cu.ft. equivalent
    • Quantity Option: Each/ Case (9 units)

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